Challenging Darwin

Challenging DarwinDarwin had a Christian upbringing and he did not set out to disprove God.

He thought that he could continue to accept religion and that he might prove God’s existence with his theory of evolution. Although, further on Darwin became convinced that God had created the universe, but that the evolution aspect of His species is left to develop unpredictably.

However, his theory of evolution has since been used by many to disprove the existence of God.

On the other hand, it has been argued that Darwin is reliant on God for his theory of evolution.


Darwinism and Genesis:

  1. Darwin proves that it is not possible for humanity to have been created on the sixth day because they have evolved over thousands of years.
  2. Evolution is an unpredictable process and so how can it have been created or caused? If God is a designer then He is supposed to have created everything but it is not possible to design an unpredictable process.
  3. Finally, if God was the designer then He evolution would not be necessary as the earth would have been created perfected for all species to start with.

Religion rejects Darwin:

There are many reasons why religion may reject Darwin;

  1. Creationism argues that God created man in His image on the sixth day. However, evolution argues that humans have evolved over time from apes. The question is how can humans have evolved and have been created on the sixth day by God.
  2. If humans have evolved from animals then how is that humans have a soul that ascends to heaven or is resurrected? Does this mean that animals also have souls, and if so what happens to their soul when they die, surely humans are the only ones meant to have souls?
  3. There are questions regarding the evidence that has been provided by scientists for evolution. For example some argue that the fossil evidence is inconclusive.

Religion accepts Darwin:

Some religions say that evolution needs God in order to be true. So God created the universe, and He also allows His creation to develop and change by itself (evolution). This means that God is omniscient, omnipotent etc., as He is in charge of His creation and knows of the final outcome.


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