The Causes of Poverty

Like the problem of evil and suffering we can divide the causes of world poverty into two different types:

  1. Those caused by nature, and
  2. Those caused by man

Saudi Arabia SudanIn reality the situation is often a mixture of both of these causes, such as poor natural conditions combined with bad planning or corruption on behalf of the people who live there or are in charge.

It is interesting to compare countries with similar natural conditions to see how differently the people within those countries deal with them and for this reason the AQA textbook for the course deals with Saudi Arabia and Sudan; both Middle Eastern countries that effectively border each other (separated by the Red Sea).

We might follow the textbook and divide the causes of world poverty into the following:

  1. Location
  2. Natural Disasters
  3. Politics and Corruption
  4. Debt and Economic Trade
  5. War
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