Key Terms

Suffering – ‘when people have to face and live with unpleasant events or conditions.’

Responsibility – ‘duty, the idea that we are in charge of our own actions.

Natural suffering – ‘suffering caused by nature, e.g. because of earthquakes, volcanoes, floods.’ Intentional human action (commission) or inaction (omission) that results in suffering e.g. Murder, (CO2).

Moral (or man – made) suffering – ‘suffering caused by the actions of humans, e.g. through war, pollution, crime. Causes of suffering within the natural world including disaster, disease, decay and death, (4D’S).

Free will – ‘having the ability to choose or determine one’s own actions.’Ky Terms

Just – fair or right.

Unjust – unfair or not right.

Impersonal force (nature or evil) – the idea that evil is a power outside of people that draws them to evil.

Omnipotent – all powerful

Omniscient – all knowing (you must have a lot of knowledge to understand science).

Omnibenevolent – all loving

Omnipresent – always present/everywhere.

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