The Purpose of Suffering


Unjust suffering, such as the suffering of an innocent child, can cause many to question the purpose of suffering. However, some people may argue that suffering is not always a bad thing.

Suffering 4A test:

Some may argue that suffering exists to test us. We should understand that God has a plan for us and our lives and that if we are suffering then it is because it is part of this plan. An example, might be that God is testing our faith in Him and so by putting us through situations that are difficult our belief in God is tested and we are reminded of our religious beliefs. If we believe in God then we could understand that God is similar to a teacher or father figure and that as the creator of the universe He has a plan. Suffering can only exist as part of that plan and so we should trust that God knows what He is doing.

It develops us as a person:Suffering 5

It is also possible that by being able to learn from our mistakes we are growing as people. There is a famous saying “what doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger” and in this case it could be true. Suffering exists because as we grow we are able to overcome it and therefore we get stronger. Finally, some suffering is necessary, for example we need to have a headache to know to take medication or get some rest.

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