The Effects on Society

Drugs and Crime

There are several reasons why drug use leads to an increase in crime:

  • Some drugs, like alcohol, decrease inhibitions; making you more likely to do things you wouldn’t normally do. People often behave in anti-social ways, steal or break things or damage property when they are drunk. This can also lead to other crimes, like drink driving, that are linked to the alcohol itself.
  • Drugs are expensive. People who are addicted to drugs will need to find money in order to pay for drugs. As it might be difficult for drug addicts to hold jobs often they will steal in order to get money to buy drugs.
  • Supply. Creating a supply of illegal drugs can be dangerous. Often other crimes need to be committed in order to do this, such as smuggling, bribery and violence in order to obtain these products.

The effects on the Emergency Services and the cost to the tax-payer

The NHS (National Health Service)

There are obvious impacts on the NHS:

Weekends seem dramatic increases in emergency admissions caused by drugs. This can be from alcohol poisoning to injuries cause by fighting or messing around while drunk. This means employing extra doctors and nurses, buying more ambulances and paying for more treatments and drugs. Other drugs, such as cocaine, require prolonged treatments and the development of new drugs, such as methadone, in order to treat them. All of this is expensive. In the UK this is paid for by the tax-payer.

The Police

There are obvious effects on the police as well. They need more police to keep people safe on nights when people have been drinking. Police Officers are more likely ort be injured or abused by drunk people. They also need to commit officers and other resources to dealing with illegal drugs and suppliers. Again, this costs the tax payer money that could be better spent on education or healthcare.

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