Resurrection – Islamic views of Life After Death

The resurrection of the body means that God (in this case Allah) will recreate the body that you had in life and you will live a physical afterlife. In simple terms; you come back to life in the same body.

In the case of Islam the basic belief is that when you die your body goes into the grave and waits for the Day of Judgement. Muslims do not generally believe in separate souls and you are unaware of time passing between your death and the Day of Judgement. At some point in the future Allah will end the earth and bodily resurrect all people (Muslims and non-Muslims). they will stand before the prophet Isa (Jesus) who will judge them.

If they have been good they will to heaven (Jannah), if they have been bad they will go to hell (Jahannam). According to the Qur’an and the hadith left behind by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) these must be physical places. For example, the Qur’an promises such torments as being thirsty and having only molten rock to drink in Jahannam and being rewarded with physical pleasures, such as sex and alcohol, in Jannah. If these are to be taken literally (and most Muslims believe the Qur’an is the literal word of Allah) then Jannah and Jahannam must be physical places.

There are PHILOSOPHICAL advantages to this view. We do not have to prove DUALISM in order for this to make sense. Dualism could be true, and it would work, but also MATERIALISM might also be true and we could still have life after death in this sense as Allah is recreating our bodies. It is therefore more likely to be true, from a philosophical standpoint, than (for example) Hindu views.


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