Evidence OF and FOR Miracles

It is important to be aware of the two different claims that are attached to miracles:

  1. Evidence OF miracles – this is finding evidence that miracles do happen in the world.
  2. Evidence FOR miracles – is using the evidence to prove miracles are genuine – in other words not only did they happen but they were miracles (according to the definitions above).

Evidence OF miracles

There is plenty of evidence to show that miracles do take place:ganesha Milk

  • Many people SEE miracles happening. When the Hindu statue of Ganesha drank milk this was seen not only by hundreds of people at the shrine but also worldwide on television. This would tend to make us believe that the story is not made up – it did happen!
  • Many other people experience miracles for themselves. If I am cured of a terminal illness then I know this has happened, even though others may not believe my story.
  • Most world religions are founded on the idea of miracles, such as Christianity on the resurrection or Islam on the revelation of the Qur’an. The existence e of these religions suggests that these miracles or events did happen.

Evidence FOR miracles

image016Having established that these events do take place the next question is are they genuine miracles? Do they prove the power or actions of God or gods?

  • Too many people report miracles for the idea not to be true. The case of Lourdes shows that we cannot always explain why they happen, but they do happen.
  • Miracles still occur today. They are not just stories from the past.
  • People have converted to religions on the basis of miracles. If miracles were not genuine then people would not be son convinced.
  • Miracles, particularly healing miracles, have been investigated carefully. Results seem to show that things like prayer does heal people.
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