What is Truth?

A truth is something that is considered to be correct. However, is there are different types of truth how will we ever know what is actually correct?

science_labworkScientific truth:

Scientists believe that their truths are correct because they have tested their hypothesis with experiments, and so consider them to have been proved to be true. Within science, truths are usually widely accepted and they tend to change and develop according to scientific advances over time.

Historical truth:social-media-history1

Historians believe that they too have evidence to prove their truths only their evidence comes in the forms of archaeology, documents and eye – witness accounts. However, unlike science, historians can disagree on truths because of the interpretations that are available of the evidence provided.

Faith-and-Reason1Religious truth:

Religions also believe that they have evidence to support their truths, in the form of their holy texts and scripture. The religions make a conclusion from their holy texts, but again these can be open to interpretations as believers interpret the texts differently.

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