Other Religious Accounts of Creation


Buddhists do not believe in God and so they have no issue with accepting the view that the Big Bang Theory caused the universe.


Muslims believe in the creation story of Allah creating the universe and Adam and Eve. They believe this because it is taught in the Qur’an.

However, unlike other religions, Muslims do not reject scientific explanations, but rather use them to support their argument for Allah as the creator.

Sikhism:Sikh Creation

Sikhs also believe that the universe was created by God, but they believe that God placed the materials necessary to create the universe inside an egg, and only when it was ready did He allow the egg to crack and the universe to come out and begin to form. Sikhs
also do not believe that science disproves its creation story.


There are many creation stories in Hinduism and one of which tells the story of Vishnu asleep within the coils of a giant cobra before the universe was created in silent nothingness. The only noise that broke the silence was the hummuntitleding sound (Aum) which woke Vishnu. From, Vishnu there came a lotus flower which held Brahman at the centre. It was at this point that Vishnu commanded Brahman to create the universe and he began by dividing the lotus flower into three parts; the heavens, the sky and the earth. The last thing to be created on the universe was humanity.

However, Hindus do not reject science as they believe that just like life the universe is going through a cycle, which means that there will be another universe once this one has been destroyed. It could be that the Big Bang Theory is the beginning of another cycle.

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