Problems with the Argument from First Cause

Key Terms:

Big Bang – Scientists think that the universe began with the ‘Big Bang’; that is massive expansion of all matter, space and time from a singularity (single point).

Evolution – the theory that all life has gradually changed and adapted to suit its environment over time.

Here’s the simple problem for GCSE – If EVERYTHING has to have a cause; what caused God?

How does God get a ‘get out of jail free’ on this one? Surely you can’t have it both ways. If everything has to have a cause then God must also have a cause. If we can have exceptions (i.e. everything has a cuase, except God) then why make God the only exception. Everything must have a cause except toast and bouncy balls!

Most scientists now think the Big Bang did not have a cause in the sense that we woudl understand it. Quantum Physics (that’s science that deals with particles smaller than an atom) says that there are genuinely uncaused events, pure randomness, taking place all around us (and inside us!) all the time. The Big Bang was a result of one of these genuinely random occurences.

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