Key Terms:

Miracle – A seemingly impossible occurence, usually bringing about some good.

A miracle is a form of religious experience. People who experience miracles for themselves or learn about them from other people whom they trust might have another reason to believe in God.

We can break miracles down into two types:

  • Events that break the laws of nature. If there is (seemingly) no scientific explanation for how something occured then we might call it a miracle. Many people would argue it must also bring about some good. The Sun not rising in the morning might break the laws of nature but it would be hard to call it a miracle as it would probably be bad for us.
  • Events that do not break the laws of nature but seem like very lucky coincidences. A famous example of this uses the idea of a toddler falling onto some railway tracks and the train screeching to a halt inches from the child just because the driver happened to pass out several miles back up the line. Again, it is the idea of their bringing about some good that might not have been that makes them miracles.

The argument here is obvious. If miracles (certainly of the first sort) happen then there must be a God to make them happen.

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