Science and Religion in the Modern World

The separation of science and religion:



The modern world is increasingly secular (atheist) than it has been previously. This means that whereas before religion was considered correct, in the modern era the evidence provided by science means that it is seen as the predominant authority and religion just fills in the gaps that science cannot answer. This is called the theory of the ‘God of the Gaps.’ Isaac Newton was considered to have provided an explanation for the structure of the universe that didn’t need God’s involvement and that the universe was able to work all by itself because of gravitational pull of the planets.

The adaptation of religion to the scientific modern world:

Some argue that science and religion are two separate theories and they can co – exist. For example we have already discussed Islam and Buddhism.

The modern world needs both science and religion:

It is also believed that just as we discussed with the different types of truth both science and religion can be true in their own rights and that they provide answers for different people depending on what you believe.

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