Absolute vs. Evolving Truth

There a two types of truth which cause conflict between science and religion.

TruthAbsolute Truth:

An absolute truth is a truth that cannot be changed and is considered to be completely true. This means that there is evidence, facts and proof that means the truths cannot be adapted or changed as they are completely correct.

For example, it is an absolute truth that a square has four sides and four corners.

However an absolute truth can depend on the opinion or group that believes it, for example the Bible may be considered true in one situation but Evolution or the Big Bang Theory may be true in another.

Evolving truth, or changing truth

On the other hand, Evolving truth is not an unchanged truth but rather a truth that depends on the thoughts of the time. This type of truth is capable of changing depending on the time that believes it.

So for example, the events of the Cosmological Revolution contain Evolving truths. It was once believed that the sun went round the earth but opinions and evidence proved this wrong and the truth evolved when it was realised that the earth goes around the sun. This is also where different interpretations of religious texts fit in.

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