Science and Religion

This topic compares and contrasts science and religion, trying to see how similar or different the two are. It particularly looks at two key issues – the origins of the universe, and the origins of life.

  • scientific truth versus religious truth – what each truth is, including examples, and how it is derived;
  • the issue of an evolving, changing truth versus an absolute truth;
  • the issue of compatibility, including the question of whether these types of truth answer the same
  • questions;
  • why society seems to favour science over religion in the modern world, and the impact of this.

Scientific versus religious truth through the following two foci:

  •  origins of the universe – Big Bang versus Genesis 1 creation story;
  • interpretations of religious creation stories, and whether this affects their compatibility with scientific theory;
  • the Cosmological revolution (development of the round earth theory, and the universe with the sun as its focal point);
  • the challenge the Cosmological revolution posed for religious belief in the late Middle Ages.
  • origins of life – creation versus evolution;
  • design versus evolution;
  • Darwin’s reliance on God to make evolution work;
  • to what extent science and religion can agree;
  • how evolutionary theory – when first put forward by Darwin – was a challenge to religious belief;
  • the question of whether humans were created or evolved, and its impact on human attitudes and behaviour within society and to the rest of the world generally.

Useful links:

Faraday Schools Website – videos and games on the topic of science and religion.

Link to Electronic Textbook on Science and Religion

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