Can Humans perform Miracles?

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As far as the three Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) are concerned, only God has the power to perform miracles, so if humans seem to perform them then it must be the power of God working through them and not the power of any human being. When Moses stands on the shores of the Red Sea and parts the waters, it is not him doing it but the power of God acting through him. Christ performed miracles because he was God incarnate (made flesh) and not a human being as such. His apostles perform miracles as he passed on the power of the Holy Spirit to them. All power comes from God, it is not human power.


Buddhists do not believe in gods in the way that we might think of them (there are gods, but they buddhismexist in a separate realm and are subject to the laws of life, death and rebirth just as humans are), they do not worship gods, pray for miracles or get any power from gods. For this reason they do not believe in miracles as we might understand them.

However, they do believe that human beings can be capable of great things through the power of meditation. The ability of the human mind to allow you remember past lives; perform extraordinary physical feats (like jumping huge distances or enduring great pain) or even reading other people’s minds is extraordinary. If miracles can occur they are done by using these powers to bring about great good in the world.

A miracle might be performed by a person if they can develop these powers by living a good and moral life in accordance with the Buddhist codes.


Hindus do believe in gods and many Hindus believe that it is possible to tap into the power of these gods. Like Buddhists this is normally done through intense mediation and spiritual perfection. Individuals can learn to levitate, predict the future or lift heavy objects without touching them. This is done through the power of gods, accessed through the training and dedication of the Hindu.

For this reason a miracle is not a ‘breaking of the laws of nature’ but something difficult to achieve. Again, it must bring about great good in order to really be classed as a miracle.


According to Sikh tradition people can perform miracles. The Gurus did so in surviving torture and undergoing great pain in the cause of their religion. Often this was to help someone else or to teach others to live the right way. Miracles can be performed by people, but we should be careful that we only use this power for good.

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