The republic of Zimbabwe is ruled by President Mugabe, who has not allowed genuine free elections take place for many years. He was given power when the British left decades ago and promised to free the Zimbabwean people and to give them land and homes of their own.


This has resulted in white farmers being evicted from their land, thrown out of their homes and often killed or beaten. These farms have then been given to members of the ruling party and are mostly used to grow cash crops to sell abroad for profit. Mugabe’s people keep the money while many of the people starve as not enough food is being grown in the country to support the population.

Zimbabwe is also home to the world’s largest diamond mine, though the profits of this mine are not shared with the people of that country.

  • The average income of a Zimbabwean citizen is probably less than US$500 per year.
  • 95% of the country are unemployed.
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